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This page represents a current list of Graduate Students enrolled with the Department and their email addresses. The students are listed in alphabetical order by name. This page is automatically generated every 24 hours.

Note: Information provided by user home pages or by links to other servers is not under editorial control of the Statistics Department and such information does not reflect official information or opinions of the State of Florida, University of Florida, or this department.

Shamshad Ali sali@stat.ufl.edu Fei Long flong@stat.ufl.edu
David Ashley dashley@stat.ufl.edu Qing Lu lqing@stat.ufl.edu
Jamie Baldwin jbaldwin@stat.ufl.edu Dobrin Marchev dmarchev@stat.ufl.edu
Belkys Bracho bbracho@stat.ufl.edu Victor Mergel vmergel@stat.ufl.edu
Anne Buu ybuu@stat.ufl.edu Adam Meyers ameyers@stat.ufl.edu
Marinela Capanu mcapanu@stat.ufl.edu Yongyi Min ymin@stat.ufl.edu
Kristen Cartwright kcartwri@stat.ufl.edu Youngkyoung Min ymin2@stat.ufl.edu
Sounak Chakraborty schakrab@stat.ufl.edu Siuli Mukhopadhyay smukhopa@stat.ufl.edu
Janice Col jcol@stat.ufl.edu Arlene Naranjo anaranjo@stat.ufl.edu
Yuehua Cui ycui@stat.ufl.edu George Papageorgiou gpapageo@stat.ufl.edu
Rajarshi Dey rdey@stat.ufl.edu Breagin Riley briley@stat.ufl.edu
Allison Edwards aedwards@biostat.ufl.edu Ananya Roy aroy2@stat.ufl.edu
David Finlay dfinlay@stat.ufl.edu Antara Roy aroy@stat.ufl.edu
Donte Ford dford@stat.ufl.edu Vivekananda Roy vroy@stat.ufl.edu
Rebekah Galati rgalati@stat.ufl.edu Pavlina Rumcheva rumcheva@stat.ufl.edu
Mihai Giurcanu giurcanu@stat.ufl.edu Euijung Ryu eryu@stat.ufl.edu
Adam Glassman glassman@stat.ufl.edu Sourish Saha ssaha@stat.ufl.edu
Ludwig Heigenhauser heigen@stat.ufl.edu Robert Sandbach sandbach@stat.ufl.edu
David Hitchcock dhitchco@stat.ufl.edu Damaris Santana dsantana@stat.ufl.edu
Weir Hou whou@stat.ufl.edu Upasana Santra usantra@stat.ufl.edu
Hsiao-hsiang Hsu hhsu@stat.ufl.edu Lindsay Schoettinger lschoett@stat.ufl.edu
Netsanet Imam nimam@stat.ufl.edu,Student Karabi Sinha ksinha@stat.ufl.edu
Jamie Jarabek jjarabek@stat.ufl.edu Samiran Sinha ssinha@stat.ufl.edu
Rajendra Kadel rkadel@stat.ufl.edu Matthew Smeltzer smeltzer@stat.ufl.edu
Hsi-i Kao hkao@stat.ufl.edu Kelly Sodec ksodec@stat.ufl.edu
Christian Kelly ckelly@stat.ufl.edu Samara Strauber strauber@stat.ufl.edu
Bong Rae Kim bkim@stat.ufl.edu Aixin Tan atan@stat.ufl.edu
Myung Joon Kim mkim@stat.ufl.edu Michael Thomas mthomas@stat.ufl.edu
Satoko Klein sklein@stat.ufl.edu Jeffrey Thompson thompson@stat.ufl.edu
Bernhard Klingenberg bklingen@stat.ufl.edu Madhu Trehan mtrehan@stat.ufl.edu
Tibor Krska tkrska@stat.ufl.edu Zhaojie Wang zwang@stat.ufl.edu
Saurabh Kumar skumar@stat.ufl.edu Zuoheng Wang zwang2@stat.ufl.edu
Soumita Lahiri slahiri@stat.ufl.edu Liqun Xu lxu@stat.ufl.edu
Keunbaik Lee lee@stat.ufl.edu Wei Xue wxue@stat.ufl.edu
Hongying Li hli@stat.ufl.edu Jie Yang jyang2@stat.ufl.edu
Yao Li yli2@stat.ufl.edu John Yap jyap@stat.ufl.edu
Yao Li yli@stat.ufl.edu Li Zhang lzhang@stat.ufl.edu
Min Lin mlin@stat.ufl.edu Wei Zhao wzhao@stat.ufl.edu
Tian Liu tliu@stat.ufl.edu Xiqiang Zheng xzheng@stat.ufl.edu
Xuefeng Liu xliu@stat.ufl.edu Yun Zhu yzhu@stat.ufl.edu

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